A journey towards learning and confidence

– By Rewati Karmarkar , Teacher at Tejasvita Trust

In my four years at Tejasvita, so many children’s faces flit through my mind as I remember them with a smile on my face. Some I “meet” even now, as they have become “seniors” in their school- first and second graders. I say meet, but its more like being totally engulfed in little arms trying to encircle me to the point of being in danger of losing my balance. I just can’t help but reprimand… and laugh at the same time.

One of these children is a boy named Lohith.

Lohith is one of twins. When I first encountered him in our preschool program, he was a bundle of energy and both he and his twin would be running all over the class. It would be difficult to get their attention…and keep it!! They were a team – with his brother Likhith being the more energetic of the two and leading them into mischief. The only time both would sort of settle down was during “Free Play”.


Free Play is a process, we at Tejasvita, have once every week. We arrange different activity materials like puzzles, blocks, thinking games, beads, pretend play material like kitchen set, tool set etc. The children can pick up anything they want, explore, use, play and exchange it for a different one. This is the most popular activity for children and teachers alike. This is simply because of the informality of the process. Personally, some of my most memorable interactions with children have been during this time. Something to be said for responsibly used freedom.

Anyway, back to Lohith. Initially, he would pick up the tool set and his brother would pick up some blocks regularly. They would try to monopolize these during the complete session. In one such session, they didn’t manage to get the tool set. I offered the “Lion and Mouse” story book ( which was kept as part of the free play) to Lohith. He reluctantly took it. I sat with him and we started looking at the pictures. I asked him about them. The story had been narrated earlier in class using the same book. So he was familiar with the pictures and also the story. Initially he was hesitant but when we came to the part where the lion laughs, he laughed the same way as we did in the narration of the story earlier. He slowly began to get involved in the story. His brother, in the meantime, had secured the tool set and was calling him to join. I expected Lohith to immediately keep the book away and join him. But wonder of wonders, he continued sitting with me with the book. He would look at a picture and say a word he had heard in the narration associated with it. He finished the book with me. I thought, that was a good start. He would surely, go to the tool set now. But another wonder, he brought “The Thirsty Crow” book next and sat with me.


From then onwards, in every Free Play he started with books and then slowly started exploring other materials. He saw a 20 piece sunflower puzzle one day. It was a tough puzzle as there was no reference picture – just a bunch of similar looking puzzle pieces in a bag. He brought that to me and said “How Miss?” I sat with him.  “See, this has a brown part, but other is missing… which piece will fit? “ And we went on. After guiding him for a while, I got up to go to another child. I kept glancing to see how he was doing. I half expected him to give up. But he just kept at it and he was left with 2 pieces which were not fitting easily. I thought he would call me. But he continued to struggle and finally he finished!!!!

I still vividly remember that face smiling from ear to ear, so much pride in the achievement. He took my hand and led me to his place. I wished I could have kept that solved puzzle just like that.

Since then, while he still had his occasional “energetic” moments with his brother, somewhere within he had changed. He was more confident and was more involved. He started taking more care even in explorative tasks, planning and thinking.

He still grins from ear to ear whenever he sees me in school. Once, he held my hand as he walked with me and asked “How are you Miss?”  

What can I say? I am super lucky to be able to receive so much uninhibited love from all OUR children!!!

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