Cognitive learning in the Tejasvita Preschool Classroom

– BY GAYATHRI TIRTHAPURA, CO-FOUNDER TRUSTEE AT TEJASVITA TRUST We often hear that children are naturally curious and love to learn. How can we set up a classroom environment that awakens this natural interest in learning in children? At Tejasvita, we believe that when learning goals and the environment are oriented towards building adaptive expertiseContinue reading “Cognitive learning in the Tejasvita Preschool Classroom”

Freedom of Choice in the Tejasvita Preschool Classroom

– BY GAYATHRI TIRTHAPURA, CO-FOUNDER TRUSTEE AT TEJASVITA TRUST One of the core characteristics of a child-centric environment is the freedom of choice for the child. If one hasn’t been exposed to an environment where children make their own choices, he/she may wonder how it is even possible for young children to make choices forContinue reading “Freedom of Choice in the Tejasvita Preschool Classroom”

Child-centric preschool education at Tejasvita: Introduction

– BY GAYATHRI TIRTHAPURA, CO-FOUNDER TRUSTEE AT TEJASVITA TRUST When we set out to build a preschool program for children from low-income communities about seven years ago, we were very clear that our teaching and learning methods and processes would be designed to cater to how young children learn effectively. Expecting them to sit inContinue reading “Child-centric preschool education at Tejasvita: Introduction”

National Education Policy 2020 – A view from the field

– By Gayathri Tirthapura, Co-Founder Trustee at Tejasvita Trust The National Education Policy (NEP), a landmark document in Indian education system which was released on July 29th, 2020 has been hailed as an education policy that will shape both the future social and economic fabric of India. It’s hard to find any serious critics ofContinue reading “National Education Policy 2020 – A view from the field”

When the teacher becomes the taught

By Gayathri Devulapalli, Teacher at Tejasvita As a teacher at Tejasvita in the Preschool program, I work with children very closely and I view this as a great opportunity for my own growth.  Each passing day with the children brings in fresh insights and opens up the window of opportunity even more. It makes usContinue reading “When the teacher becomes the taught”

Building Strong Brains

– BY GAYATHRI TIRTHAPURA, CO-FOUNDER TRUSTEE AT TEJASVITA TRUST We start every academic year with a month long training program for all teachers,  so that we learn new concepts, equip ourselves with tools and resources and incorporate new ideas into our preschool intervention. On one such morning during this year’s training in June 2019, theContinue reading “Building Strong Brains”

Letting Children be – The Twins’ tale

– By Bindu, Teacher at Tejasvita Trust It is the beginning of another academic year- a new start and a new window of opportunity  Though we teachers equip ourselves with elaborate training and relearning/unlearning, the children do not fail to surprise us, every now and then.   As we Tejasvita teachers spend only a limited amountContinue reading “Letting Children be – The Twins’ tale”

What does it take to teach children to love learning?

– By Gayathri Tirthapura, Trustee at Tejasvita Trust Arokya, a 5 year old boy was diligently working on the activity of the day – sorting pictures of fruits by both the type of fruit and the colour. As he sorted and stuck these 12 fruit pictures to his heart’s content on a piece of paperContinue reading “What does it take to teach children to love learning?”

A journey towards learning and confidence

– By Rewati Karmarkar , Teacher at Tejasvita Trust In my four years at Tejasvita, so many children’s faces flit through my mind as I remember them with a smile on my face. Some I “meet” even now, as they have become “seniors” in their school- first and second graders. I say meet, but itsContinue reading “A journey towards learning and confidence”