Tejasvita’s Training program for Preschool Teachers

Based on our proven play-method teaching-learning methods and curriculum that we’ve implemented in preschool classrooms of Affordable Private Schools, we’re now offering a training program for in-service and aspiring preschool teachers.

This 100-hour long training program which is offered as a combination of online and in-person sessions offers a platform for teachers to look at teaching-learning in a child-centric and play-based fashion, and to start implementing activities in the classroom right away using our ready-to-implement holistic curriculum spanning four broad areas – English speaking and comprehension, Social and Emotional development, Pre-reading and Pre-numeracy and Creative expression.

Following are some of the features of our training program

  • Space for discussion and reflection on why, what and how of child-centric methods of teaching and learning in preschool classrooms
  • Training in a variety of child-centric activities – storytelling, process-art, hands-on activities to build pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills, music and movement, circle time, picture-book read-alouds and guided free-play.
  • Teacher manuals containing the complete curriculum materials and methods for the child-centric activities that Tejasvita has developed in-house will be provided to the participants.
  • A safe space for teachers to practice and receive feedback for the skills needed for implementation.
  • Community to support the teachers in the implementation of what they’ve learnt during the training.
  • Support to apply the principles of child-centric education to any curriculum beyond what Tejasvita has to offer.
  • If you are a school aspiring to move to a child centric way of teaching and learning in your preschool program, we’ll offer additional support in the form of regular site-visits, demonstrations, encouragement and feedback by our expert teachers.


“The training has helped me to change my perspective from teacher-centered way of teaching to child-centric way of teaching”

– Arati, teacher and participant of Tejasvita’s training program

“The training program has flipped my though process on how I used to understand children. After the discussions, the practice sessions helped me to understand each topic fully.”

– Rekha, TEacher and participant of tejasvita’s training program
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