Tejasvita’s Preschool Program in Affordable Private Schools

The excellent benefits of developmentally appropriate care and stimulation during the early childhood years has been well established in the past few decades through in-depth research in neuroscience. Prior to the age of 6 is a sensitive period for the optimal development of the brain cortex. 

Yet, in India, the Early Childhood Education has had highly insufficient focus on quality, especially for children growing up in low-income communities both in government-run Anganwadis and private-run preschools. India’s National Educational Policy released in the year 2020 has strongly emphasised the need for flexible, multi-faceted, multi-level, play-based, activity based and inquiry based learning.
Tejasvita’s preschool program addresses this very issue. Having worked in both in Anganwadis and Affordable Private schools since 2014, we’ve created a high-quality, research-based and developmentally-appropriate curriculum for preschool children in low income communities that uses high-impact learning processes where all children can develop and progress holistically.

We partner with affordable private schools serving low income communities and conduct our program in their preschool classrooms 3 days a week during the morning hours. We  implement a holistic curriculum spanning the four broad areas РEnglish spoken language skills, cognitive skills, foundational literacy (English), numeracy, social-emotional skills, motor skills and creativity. The curriculum content and implementation processes are play-based and are designed to nurture the joy of learning and engagement in children.

The following video gives a glimpse into our preschool classrooms:

Learning Outcomes from our Preschool programs

Our preschool program has been proven to increase children’s attention span, interest in learning, social-emotional skills, conversational English skills and pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills. Following are a few of our Learning Outcomes Reports which show these results.


“Children who are part of the Tejasvita Program show higher interest in learning and are eager to come to school”

– Teacher at a tejasvita partner school

“Children who are with the Tejasvita program are sharper in activities and are more enthusiastic and show higher memory”

– Teacher at a tejasvita partner school

“Child is overcoming his/her shyness”

– parent at a tejasvita partner school

“Children with Tejasvita Program express themselves freely  in comparison to the those did not undergo this program”

– teacher at a tejasvita partner school

“Numeracy skills are better with children who are part of the Tejasvita Program”

– Teacher at a tejasvita partner school

“Child enjoys reading books at home”

– parent at a tejasvita partner school
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