Progress of the children

At Tejasvita, we believe that the value of the work we do in the Preschool program can only be measured by the positive progress that children make in our classrooms. As a result, we have put in immense effort to develop a detailed assessment methodology based on the following requirements.

  1. It is important to track both the absolute progress and the relative progress that children are making in our classrooms.
  2. It is important to use our assessments for both measuring the outcomes of the program and to make improvements in our teaching-learning and organisational processes so that we cater to children with different levels of abilities in our classrooms.
  3. It is important to measure the progress of children holistically and not just in the areas that can be measured using a paper-pencil test
  4. Because we are working with very young children who are not ready for tests, we have to gather our data in a non-threatening way.

Our assessment methodology is observation led, wherein our teachers collect data about every individual child on a regular basis. This data forms the basis for a quantifiable assessment that is conducted every few months. During the 2016-17 academic year, we piloted this detailed assessment process. At the end of year, we were able to recognise that only some of our quantified data was comprehensive enough to give us insights about the progress of the children, although anecdotally we do know that children made significant progress outside the purview of this insightful data.

Through our insightful data, we were able to show that a majority of the children in two of our classrooms showed significant improvements in Social Emotional Development and English Listening Comprehension while continuing to improve in other domain areas. Please access our Annual report for 2016-17 to get the complete picture of our assessment processes and the impact we’ve had in the classrooms.

We are continuing to improve our curriculum and assessments processes this year to bring about more comprehensive and meaningful data and greater impact in our classrooms.

Testimonials from Tejasvita Partner Schools

Following are some quotes from the teachers and the principals of the Tejasvita partner schools where we conducted our preschool program

  1. “The Tejasvita teachers are well trained, punctual and use engaging resources to work with the children.”
  2. “The Tejasvita teachers understand the needs of the children in general and do activities with them that are very engaging. The activities that the teachers do with the children were magical. The storytelling sessions are especially good.”
  3. “The interactive learning has made the children very interested in the sessions.”
  4. “The Tejasvita teachers treat the children with immense love and understanding and always speak to them very gently.”
  5. “The children are exhibiting a lot of joy in school and their fear of school has come down.”
  6. “After Tejasvita teachers have started coming to our school, the younger children are more sharper and have become more receptive to learning.”
  7. “Even very introverted children are now opening up.”
  8. “Since the medium of instruction followed by Tejasvita is English, the language is inculcated at an early age. Their English vocabulary has increased a lot.”
  9. “It would be great if you can come daily to our classrooms. If you can also train our school teachers do do the same, it would great!”
  10. “Parents are canvassing to their neighbours about the improvement of their children and are bringing their neighbours children to this institution.”