Preschool Program


The excellent benefits of stimulation during the early childhood years has been well established in the past few decades through in-depth research in neuroscience. Results of a twenty year research project in neuroscience released in the year 2012, showed that the more high quality mental stimulation a child gets around the age of four, the more developed … Continue reading Objectives

Program Design

Our preschool curriculum and pedagogy is based on the following research based insights about young children: Children are full of curiosity and creativity and have a natural drive to learn. They need a stimulating environment that brings out their intrinsic motivation to learn rather than extrinsic motivators like grades, rewards or praise. Children need an … Continue reading Program Design


Read about our exciting journey below. 2012-2013 academic year Our first ever attempt to implement the preschool program was in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages of India, South Bangalore. At SOS, we conducted an after-school program for 15 children between the ages 3 – 5 yrs. We saw the children make several gains in their … Continue reading Progress


Learning Outcomes At Tejasvita, we’ve developed a detailed assessment methodology based on the following principles It is important to use our assessments for both measuring the outcomes of the program and to make improvements in our teaching-learning and organisational processes so that we cater to children with different levels of abilities in our classrooms. It … Continue reading Impact