Preschool Program Learning Outcomes Report 2017-18

This Learning Outcomes Report focuses on the learning progress that children made in our Preschool Program that we conducted during the academic year 2017-18. This Preschool Program is a supplementary program that we conduct in Affordable Private Schools (APS). During the 2017-18 academic year, the Preschool Program ran 6 hours a week and was conducted for about 115 children in the age group 3 – 5 years, in 4 classrooms across 2 schools. The program was child centric and the curriculum was focused on holistic development spread across four areas – English language comprehension and speaking, Collaborative skills, capacities needed for Creative thinking and Critical thinking. We termed it the 4Cs curriculum containing – communication, collaboration, creative thinking and critical thinking as the four different Cs. The 4Cs were chosen based on the key skills that are required to be successful in the 21st century.

The curriculum content and implementation processes were play and choice based and were designed to nurture the children’s natural drive to learn. The children were given an atmosphere where they could express themselves freely, move purposefully in the classroom and work hands-on at their own pace and challenge themselves to higher goals.

All through the academic year, we tracked the progress of the children across 4Cs. The assessments were teacher reported. The teachers captured regular observations about the children and scored the children for the different benchmarks related to 4Cs. We designed the benchmarks for 4Cs based on the developmental level of preschool children and the milestones they would reach during their preschool years that would directly aid in development of the 4Cs later on in their life. The teacher reported scores were then aggregated and plotted in order to reveal the progress that was made for each child for the 4Cs. At the end of the year, we also wrote a progress report for each child we worked with, based on our observations.

This learning outcomes report contains more details about the preschool program, details of 4Cs, it’s sub-skills and the benchmarks,  assessments methodology, results of the assessments study that captures the progress of each child, the overall progress of each of the classrooms we worked in and the limitations of both the program and our assessments study. The progress report for each child contains both the progress graphs and a detailed progress summary report.  

You can download the Learning Outcomes Report by clicking on the link below:

Preschool Program Learning Outcomes Report 2017-18