The board of trustees manage the organisation with a clear focus on achieving Tejasvita Trust’s core intent. They guide the operations and volunteers teams in ensuring highest quality, commitment and achievement of organisational outcomes. TVG Krishnamurthy Founder Trustee Mr. T V G Krishnamurthy (TVG) is deeply committed to the cause of education, especially among the underserved … Continue reading Trustees

Operations Team

The operations team includes the program director, curriculum design team and teachers who work across domains. They are the game changers in our classrooms who facilitate, guide and hugely impact the learning outcome of our children. Gayathri Tirthapura’s core interests lie in finding appropriate environments and methods to engage children in joyful learning, based on … Continue reading Operations Team


Volunteers are a big support and pitch in as and when required across various domains. With an engineering and management degree, Roopa Narayan has worked in the technology and IT product management space for more than 15 years across eLearning, mCommerce and financial services domains before she took a break to support family needs. Tejasvita’s … Continue reading Volunteers

Work with us

If you like our work and wish to join our operations team or contribute as a volunteer, do write to us at: We look forward to having as many contributors join our movement in order to make a larger impact in the lives of young children!