Teacher vacancies

Tejasvita is hiring Teachers 

We are focused on providing high quality learning environments for children of underprivileged backgrounds and identifying/nurturing talent in these communities. We are currently working with about 190 preschool children of Below Poverty Line card holders in affordable private schools of South Bangalore. If you are a creative and flexible person, comfortable working in teams, enthusiastic about working with children and feel the courage to work with the challenges posed by constraints in low income communities, do consider working as a teacher.

We are looking for people who are passionate about working with children and who believe in the philosophy and mechanics of child-centric education. You’ll be required to commit to teach in the classrooms 3 days a week in the mornings for the complete academic year 2018-19 (except during school holidays) and also get involved in the entire teaching and learning process including planning, preparation and assessing the progress of the children.

This is a paid opportunity and a month long (4 mornings a week) training will be held in June 2018. Multiple vacancies are open for this position.

SEND YOUR RESUME TO tejasvita.trust@yahoo.com